Frozen Shit Fun!

Look! I have a frozen turd! Yesterday I stuck one of my turds in the freezer! Its been really hot here and I need to cool down. Ice cold frozen shit seems like the perfect way to get cooled off! Watch as I rub my frozen shit on my hard nipples. The sensation is almost overwhelming! I touch my ice cold shit to my clit. It makes me jump and moan! Oh my frozen shit feels so good but its so cold! I rub it on my nipples again and it starts to melt. I take the frozen turd and push it up into my pussy! Oh burrr! Its so cold! Oh but it feels so good! I have frozen shit in my cunt! I shit the poop out of my pussy! Its really melting now! I take the turd and put it in my mouth. I pretend that its a cock Im sucking. I nice, cold shitty cock. I fuck my mouth with the turd and get shit all over my lips! I love playing with frozen shit! Enjoy! Download Frozen Shit Fun! movie

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