Unloading Piss and Shit on Pathetic Slave! – Full Movie

She stands over her slave, who is shackled and masked and ready to accept his punishment. She gives him some foreplay by giving him some light whipping. She sits on his face and makes him lick her cunt and anus. She stands over him and concentrates hard, prepping to unload the shit and piss shes been holding in for hours. Download Unloading Piss and Shit on Pathetic Slave! – Full Movie movie

SCAT Gangbang! Full Movie

FULL MOVIE – HOT and MESSY this is what this movie is.. You will see a beautiful woman is being pleased by SIX guys! She poop for them and in return she got her pussy licked, stimulated with dildo and she sucks their dicks.. She then gets fuck and received cum all over her pooped face! Download SCAT Gangbang! Full Movie movie

Eating You And Shitting You Out!

Look how small you are! How did you get so small!? You are suck a little tiny man! I could do anything to you! I could squish you, step on you, drown you in my spit! I could even eat you! It would be so easy to just put you in my mouth and swallow you up! You would go down my throat and into my belly! Then soon youd make your way to my bowels! You would become my shit! And in a few days, Id shit you out! Oh! I see you like that! You want me to eat you, dont you! You want me to swallow you!? Well, I dont care what you like! Im going to eat you! I will swallow you whole! Then, I will shit you out! Ill make you live in my turds, you tiny man! Im so hungry! Im hungry for little tiny men! Watch as I humiliate you and spit on you. Then I put you in my mouth and swallow you whole! A few days later, its time to shit you out! I can see you stuck in one of my turds! Oh you poor little man! Youve been living in my shit! It seems like you like it though! So I squish you into my shit! You can live there now, buried in my poop! Enjoy! Download Eating You And Shitting You Out! movie

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