This is how you Cum..

– The new mask I ordered for my fiance came in the mail today and he wanted to get off. So I told him the only way he could get off is if he put the mask on and let me sit on his face. Hahaha but he didnt know how much pain I was in from eating Casa Fiesta earlier that day, the gas was awful. Considering this new mask I got specifically to torture him is a sensory deprivation mask.. with a padded blindfold and ear pads built inside and strapped down tightly.. he wont even hear whats going on. Only taste it. Oh, I forgot to mention that the mask has an open mouth gag/tube going straight to the back of his throat so hell have no choice but to hold his mouth open and take whatever I pump into that hole… I fart right into his mouth with my ass sealed to it and smother him completely until I can tell hes about to cum.. but I wont make it that easy on him.. Ive been holding in my pee until after we were done but I think Ill just spin around and put this little tube between his lips to an even bigger test. Hahaa lets see if he can still cum now!! —— This mask will make more appearances as its a new favorite toy of mine. Includes a lace up back and multiple straps around the neck, over the head and under the jaw, and over the eyes to completely leave him deaf and in the dark. With optional padlocks if I so choose;) and the GREATEST part.. It has an open mouth TUBE gag extending about an inch and a half into his lips with an attached plug I can use to completely trap and seal whatever I put down that tube until he swallows it. Im sure you can imagine what ideas I have in mind.. Download This is how you Cum.. movie

Filled up by Ginger and Chantal

This time the slave is fed with the excrements of Lady Ginger and me. Lady Ginger wanted to pee and did it directly onto my fresh scat. First the slave is fed with a spoon and then Ginger dumps all the brown sauce made of pee and shit directly in his mouth. Before that he has to suffer much pain… His ass felt our whips hard and his nipples were tortured with clamps . Afterwards Ginger announced “Guys with such a little prick cannot expect a better treatment!” *smile* Download Filled up by Ginger and Chantal movie

MISTRESS GAIA – BLUE SKIRT – mobile version

CUSTOM REQUEST. andquot;Pretend you tricked me to your house after having persuaded me, then having drugged me and then chained me in the basement while I was unconscious. Enter walking towards me and laughing, explain to me what happened, and say that Your intention has always been to turn me in your toilet; then proceed to turn around to use me; get up the skirt, piss in my mouth and then shit in my mouth; all the time, continue to insult and humiliate me, laughing at me and degrading me; I beg you to be very offensive and cruel … let me feel like Im just an object, Your property and that You have decided to turn me into a woman toilet against my will …. tell me youre filming everything and that you will use the video to blackmail me, and youre going to let me use also from Your friends ….. add any other idea or something else that it can further humiliate me and finish putting back your beautiful skirt after you have finished to use me and saying that you will return soon to use me again andquot; Download MISTRESS GAIA – BLUE SKIRT – mobile version movie

Lesbo Bitches Creates a Disgusting Shit Shampoo! – HD Full Movie

HD – Theyre not in the shower to get clean…theyre in there to get dirty! This has got to be the most disgusting shower Ive ever seen! They kiss and make out in there and they take turns peeing on a plastic bowl. The first girl bends down so the other chick can pour the warm yellow liquid all over her! Now theyre going to soap each other using scat… Download Lesbo Bitches Creates a Disgusting Shit Shampoo! – HD Full Movie movie

Massive Shitty Ass Gaping!

Nothing turns me one more than anal play! I fuck my asshole at least once a day! I love the way it feels when my hole stretches open! Today I am playing with my pretty glass toy when I realize my ass is very dirty! My toy comes out filthy! I dont let that stop me though! I get a favorite sex toy! Its my inflatable anal plug! I pump it up and stuff it into my ass! I pump it and pump it and pump it up until its time to push it out of my ass! It feels like I am pooping when I push my toy out! Wait! It really feels like I am pooping! Oh man! Whats that awful smell! Woah! I just pushed out the plug and a HUGE load of poop along with it! I had no clue my ass was that dirty! Look at that disgusting mess! Well, Im not going to let a little poop stop my fun! I stuff the dirty toy right back up into my big, shitty ass! Oh it feels so good! I pump up the toy again and push it out! Im making a huge mess! But my ass is gaped open so wide! I wonder if I can shove my fresh poop right into my gape and back into my ass! My shithole is stretched so wide, I bet my poop will just slide right into my open gaping hole! I take the whole load of poop and push it up my gaped ass! It slides in with no resistant! I have such a huge ass! Time to shit my poop out again! Some of it comes out but not all. I know how to get this shit out of my ass! I take my inflatable butt plug and push it back into my ass! I pump it up one more time and then shit it out along with the rest of my poop! Ive stretched my ass so much its bleeding! Oh its so hot! I love having a big, stretch out shitter! Enjoy! Download Massive Shitty Ass Gaping! movie

Poo And Wipe!

Ive got to poop! But I dont want to go in the toilet! What a waste! I want you to watch me shit for you! I can feel a nice stinky load in my ass and it is so ready to come out! I hope you enjoy watching me shit! Once this big load is out of me! I can feel how dirty my asshole is! I need to clean it really bad! Luckily Ive got a roll of toilet paper at the ready! Do you want to watch me wipe my dirty, shitty asshole until its nice and clean!? Enjoy! Download Poo And Wipe! movie

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