Pickled Eggs Fart and Poop!

I found a jar of pickled eggs at the market! I get the nastiest gas when I eat eggs. I wonder how nasty my farts and shit will be after eating pickled eggs!? Watch as I eat two pickled eggs, then immediately get the nastiest gas ever! These farts arent very loud but they stink so bad! Ive never smelled such an awful stench before! And its all coming out of my ass! Then, a day later, I squat down on the floor and push out the most disgusting dark brown, mushy shit! Its so foul! Ive never shit out nastier shit in my life! I can not believe thats what comes out of my ass after I eat pickled eggs! Nasty! Download Pickled Eggs Fart and Poop! movie

Cats-vomit and shit try

First both cats vomit a lot in the mount of a slave. An other slave try vomit for the first time spoon by spoon. After so much vomit Kimi-Cat realize that she has to shit also, so she shits a big pile directly in the puke covers slaves mouth! Enjoy your meale! Download Cats-vomit and shit try movie

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