Toilet sabotage

At the school toilet, a scatophilia janitor sabotage the toilet flush by disconnecting it so that when the schoolgirls comes back from their breaktime they will be depositing some shit they wouldn?t be able to flush their shit. As expected, a schoolgirl comes and shit then calls the cleaner and told him the toilet doesnt flush, as a good cleaner he was he told her not to worry and he will make sure to get it fix. He totally loved it,smelling fresh young shit from the toilet and scooped it up! Download Toilet sabotage movie

Driving school

If the driving teacher knew who I am, he had not been so impertinent. After a short lesson, he is knocked out by me with a kick in his balls and then bound. Aldy Ginger used him as a toilet afterwards. So helpless, he had no choice to swallow the golden shower from lady Ginger. Download Driving school movie

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