Filthy Shit Pig!

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Frozen Turd Fucking!

After smearing myself in my fresh poop I remember that I have a frozen turd in my freezer! The turd is so cold! I know exactly how to warm it it though! I take the frozen poop and push it into my pussy! Oh! Its so cold but my horny hole warms it right up! I fuck my pussy with the turd and push it all the way up my cunt and then push it out! I love shitting out of my pussy! Then I take the frozen poop and push it up into my asshole! I take my time and really enjoy shoving that turd out of my ass! Im fucking my ass with a frozen turd I shit out weeks ago! I shove the poop all the way into my ass and shit it out! Oh! Its so messed up! I am getting off on how twisted this all it! Im fucking my pussy and ass with my frozen shit! I make sure to save my massive orgasm for then end! You are going to love this one!!! Download Frozen Turd Fucking! movie

Poo And Wipe!

Ive got to poop! But I dont want to go in the toilet! What a waste! I want you to watch me shit for you! I can feel a nice stinky load in my ass and it is so ready to come out! I hope you enjoy watching me shit! Once this big load is out of me! I can feel how dirty my asshole is! I need to clean it really bad! Luckily Ive got a roll of toilet paper at the ready! Do you want to watch me wipe my dirty, shitty asshole until its nice and clean!? Enjoy! Download Poo And Wipe! movie

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