The Toilet Cunt P5

This toilet slave is usefull. these day he had already swallowed three piles of shit. Now he swallows the vomit of Lady Kimi. After that, there is no rest for the slave because Lady Lucy is leaning over his mouth and try to puke. Unfortunately it comes out not much, except thicker spit phlegm. The dessert is prepared and is already next to his slaves head. The remaining vomit that has gone wrong from all ladies. All that the toilet slave must now lick off from the ground like a dog and swallow too. Lady Domi takes the cane and animates him to swallow. As always, Lady Kimi is spitting on the puke and pushes his head with her foot still deeply into the vomit. She enjoys to treat the toilet slaves in this way. Download The Toilet Cunt P5 movie

Foot dominated with SCAT and PEE!

This amazingly cute mistress dominates her slave using her feet. She has soiled panties which she orders him to sniff. After this, she then orders him to take a position under her custom scat chair. She delivers a HUGE serving of scat into the slaves mouth and makes sure he eats all by using her rubber gloved hands to stuff the scat into his mouth. Download Foot dominated with SCAT and PEE! movie

Frozen Shit Fun!

Look! I have a frozen turd! Yesterday I stuck one of my turds in the freezer! Its been really hot here and I need to cool down. Ice cold frozen shit seems like the perfect way to get cooled off! Watch as I rub my frozen shit on my hard nipples. The sensation is almost overwhelming! I touch my ice cold shit to my clit. It makes me jump and moan! Oh my frozen shit feels so good but its so cold! I rub it on my nipples again and it starts to melt. I take the frozen turd and push it up into my pussy! Oh burrr! Its so cold! Oh but it feels so good! I have frozen shit in my cunt! I shit the poop out of my pussy! Its really melting now! I take the turd and put it in my mouth. I pretend that its a cock Im sucking. I nice, cold shitty cock. I fuck my mouth with the turd and get shit all over my lips! I love playing with frozen shit! Enjoy! Download Frozen Shit Fun! movie

Princess Rachel Evans POV Shitting 01

Princess Rachel Evans starts a new series, where her personal slave Toto is filming her in POV-Style while shitting on him! In this clip slave Toto is cleaning the stairs at Princesses house. Princess comes and piss on the stairs first, when he gat it clean again the Princess shitts so he have to start cleaning again. Princess Rachel Evans can piss and shitt whereever she like and her slaves have to clean the mess! Download Princess Rachel Evans POV Shitting 01 movie

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