Slave training of scatology!

His mistress and ruler first smothers him under her beautiful ass. He struggles for breath and she controls his every move. To prepare this slave for the consumption of her vomit, she first introduces him to crushed food which she crushes under her amazing feet. She smothers this into his face before pissing all over him and into his mouth followed by streams of diarrhea across his face. As a reward, she gives his tiny dick a little suck! Download Slave training of scatology! movie

Miranda sits on the slaves face full of shit.

Miranda dines, watch a movie, and feeds her slave a delicious chocolate, which falls out of her beautiful ass. But before that, she profusely farts in his nose…Slave lies and suffocates from the smell of tasty farting of Mistress Miranda. When Miranda has finished her dinner and feeding her slave, she whipped belt her submissive slave. Download Miranda sits on the slaves face full of shit. movie

Eaten P2

Now the toilet slave is ready to look at my beautiful shit. Than he get the command to eat my shit from the glass table. Download Eaten P2 movie

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