Shitting and pissing through a new funnel

To shit and piss through a funnel was my mistress ideea for today. She order me to buy a new funnel and be ready for a full toilet play with piss drinking and feces ingestion. She is so bizarre….But i must obey her orders all the time. A very sexy nice clip where Godess begun dressing in her seethrough catsuit and she put me to record her long nipples in close up for her fans. And the rest must see, full piss drinking her urine and shitting in my mouth through the funnel. Download Shitting and pissing through a new funnel movie

Scat Dance P2

The two slaves find it hard to eat the shit from the plate. While the ladies are sitting and take her breakfast in a normal way. Their slaves have to kneel and pick up the shit bit by bit from the plates which are standing on the floor. But then appears suddenly a new lady and shits a third portion of shit on the plate, more feed for the toilets slaves. Download Scat Dance P2 movie


Part 2 – These mean girls picked on new girls in the campus. Anyone they feel tormenting they do it! The new girls gets humiliated in front of other girls being pushed around, beat up, undressed and to add up to the humiliation these mean girls has fetish for piss and shit! They specially likes the new girls poop! So they extracted it off the new girls Download MEAN GIRLS JAPANESE STYLE! Part 2 HD movie

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