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Electrice chair toilet

The life of a toilet can be challenging, especially for those that are incapable of following simple instructions. Fortunately, I have developed a device to help them with their concentration and obedience: The Electric Toilet Chair. The slaves body hair has been removed so the electrodes can be attached more precisely and there is no interference with the electric charge. I test the device by administering an electric shock to its genitals. The slave makes jerking motions and cries almost like a little girl. I smile. I sit down and allow the slave to gaze up at my perfect ass. My skin is so smooth and supple that it does not crease as I sit and my perfect ass looms above through the toilet seat. The slave gazes up at perfection. I order the slave to lick my pussy which it gratefully does with enthusiasm but I shock it continuously just because I like the sound it (the slave) makes. I order it to worship my perfect asshole and press its tongue right into the holy orifice. Finally I shit into the slave. The precious shit is almost like diarrhea but the slave cranes its head up and doesnt miss a bit. I laugh as I remove the chair and look down at the suffering sub-human. To encourage it to finish my shit I continue with the electrical charges and add kicks to the penis and balls. It jerks helplessly and looks up at me adoringly as I laugh. My perfect skin is radiant and highlighted by my blue bikini. Download Electrice chair toilet movie

read and shit

Princess Nikki is an inteligent girl, she not only can shit but also read….why not doing both at the same time. Sure not at the toilett but directly in slaves mouth! Download read and shit movie

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