Morning Breakfast Shit and Fart Surprise

As I wake up in my black silk robe and enjoying some hot tea I feel that deep burning sensation. You know that one you have been waiting for, you love my first shit of the day. Im gonna take off my robe and tease the hell out of you with my perfect bubble ass and long legsgrinding and mind fucking you over. Just the verbal tease coming out of my mouth is gonna have your dick so hardon top of my body you better hold back and wait for it! Time to lower my ass right in front of your face, so close you can almost smell my pov. Oppps I just had a huge fart and several after could you smell it? I think you are doing such a great job worshiping my ass Im gonna give you a treat. Come closer..I gotta shit real bad. I have a long hard poop waiting for you. MISSMADISONSTONE@HOTMAIL.COM CUSTOM VIDEOS Download Morning Breakfast Shit and Fart Surprise movie

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