TWIN mistresses DOUBLE scat serving!

Whats better than TWIN mistresses who are both well versed in Scatology?! They have their slave tied around the arms and legs so he cannot move. They are here to teach him a lesson and to train him and break him in. They both laugh and mock him as they each take turns in shitting on him until his mouth is piled high with their overflowing mountains of shit. They use a prod to push it down deep into his mouth and to make sure he consumes as much as he possibly can. The bits that hes spilled, he is ordered to consume off the floor like the human dog that he is! Download TWIN mistresses DOUBLE scat serving! movie


The mouth of my slave is a real sewer which deserves all my shit. I have a lot of shit, today! So, I discharge on his mouth to form a kind of pyramid of shit. Feel that smells good? But today my little slave has some difficulty swallowing, so I order him to swallow by closing his mouth with the adhesive tape. A video priceless because I shot it personally, only for my depraved admirers! Download MISTRESS GAIA – OPEN GOOD THIS SEWER! movie

You Stinky Baby!

Baby, Mommy is here to check up on you. Oh my! What is that awful smell! Baby! Did you make a stinky messy in your diaper! Oh you dirty baby! You went poo poo in your diapie! Oh the smell is awful! Mommy will have to get you changed right away! But not until after she teases you for being such a stinky, poopy baby! Download You Stinky Baby! movie


There you are still here, spying on me while I shave in the shower and while I do under water. What would you give for not being able to eat whole, rather than just stick to spy on me and masturbate in secret … Youre such a loser, even as a pervert! Download MISTRESS GAIA SHOWER SCAT movie

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