Laughed P1

First Mistress Michelle pees in his mouth, then Lady Grace. Then he has to do in front of the ladies ridiculous and rubbing his little penis. All laugh at him and humiliate him so. Lady Lucy Delunatic finally pisses him even into his slaves mouth. Attention! These part is only with pee, the next part is with scat;-) Download Laughed P1 movie

2 Video.Princess Miranda

1.A new model Miranda with a big ass shits servant in the mouth. A lot of shit goes from her big ass right into his mouth. At this moment Erin is resting on the bed. Now that Miranda hasshit, two girls smear the shit on the slaves face. Then a slave thoroughly licks the shoes of Miranda and Erins feet. Extremely delicious feet of Erin covered with chocolate flavored shitof Miranda. 2.Miranda dines, watch a movie, and feeds her slave a delicious chocolate, which falls out of her beautiful ass. But before that, she profusely farts in his nose…Slave lies and suffocates from the smell of tasty farting of Mistress Miranda. When Miranda has finished her dinner and feeding her slave, she whipped belt her submissive slave. Download 2 Video.Princess Miranda movie

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