Shit Smeared Sheets! Part 1

Oh no! That naughty scat girl is at it again! What has she done to her beautiful white sheets!? It has been a long time coming but I finally got to do some happy nasty scat play in my bed! I have four nice big loads saved up for this event! I pile all the shit up on my white sheets. The dark brown shit makes such a beautiful contrast with the white sheets! I pick up the big pile of shit and start to spread it all over my huge tits! They look so pretty smeared with my poop! I take the chunks of shit and smear it all over my body! I love being covered in my delicious shit! Watch me roll around in the sheets getting them so dirty! Those poor sheets will never be white again! I imagine being fucked in my bed while covered in shit! I roll around in the sheets imagining someone with me playing naughty shit games! This is a fun one, guys! You?ll love it! Enjoy! Check out the orgasmic ending in Part 2! (coming soon!) Download Shit Smeared Sheets! Part 1 movie

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