Mistress Roberta- Extreme play for extreme feelings

Today my subby boyfriend is excited and also terrified about what will happend to him because he always see when i plan something wicked with him .First i scratch his body , play with his nipples with my long sharp nails until his cock is hard and that it doenst take too long , and after i take the rope tieing his cock and balls , takeing the pin wheel and the letter opener and use them both on his body becoming that terrified so made me want to play more and more with his nipples and cock and after i cum on his face and allow him to cum also . Download Mistress Roberta- Extreme play for extreme feelings movie

Femdom Piss Party 03

Princess Nikki invited her Princesses friends again to help her humilate a slave. Princess Crazy Coco came with a very shy girl from her school class. She teach her how to treat pice of sht man. Princess Nikki and Princess Lia have a lot of fun with the situation. All princesses humilate the slave beyond any limits. They spit at him let him lick the shoes, slap his face, let him lick the assholes.Princess Crazy Coco even allows him some almost sexual contact by giving him a taste of a blowjob!Dont miss it its hot and real, no script, just femdom party!-ass worship-pussy worship-shoe worship-foot worship-face slaping-spitting-human asthry-teasing-humilation-dirty talk-Princess Nikki-Princess Crazy Coco (new)-Princess Lia (new)-shy girl AND A LOT OF PISS DRINKING!!!! Download Femdom Piss Party 03 movie

043.1.1 Intro Italian Sissy

043.1.1 Hallo dear, i have a lot of VINTAGE video of scat. When you were thinking to go to school i have my first human-wc. This is a new sissy trying for the first time to be my slave. This video is divided in 4 clips very low cost for you and i would like you see all 4, you can understand by photos what happen!!!! Mp4 Download 043.1.1 Intro Italian Sissy movie

60 Loads! Smearing

It is time to smear all this shit all over my body! Ive got sixty load of poop to play with! I am going to take my time and nice a nice, sexy, sensual smear! I love talking dirty to you as I cover my body in this gigantic mountain of my poop! Ive never seen so much of my own shit in my life! After months of collecting it all up, I can finally play with it! I love how good this poop feels! I roll around in my kiddie pool and admire how beautiful my body looks when its covered in poop! It takes a while to cover my whole body but Ive got 60 loads to work with! I just wish you were here to help me make sure I get 100 percent covered! Download 60 Loads! Smearing movie

Adult diaper first time ever

Today Im gonna wear a diaper for the first time since I was a baby! I hope its gonna look good and confortable on me. Wow! This is huge! Im not sure how to put this on! After I put the diaper on I have to adjust it. I comment about the way I feel, turn around and pose so I can see what I look like. At the end I put my full back red and white panties on top of my diaper. I tell you Im gonna go on about my day and continue wearing the diaper. Download Adult diaper first time ever movie

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