shit dinner

Such a meal is liked by my slave. First I shit in his mouth, then he gets a whole load of Miss Jane also. With a little help this inexperienced pig swallows almost the whole portion. The rest he could lick off the floor next to our snot. In between we whip him, and his back I scratch with my sharp pointy fingernails. As a little souvenir from me. *smile* Download shit dinner movie

Nasty Naked Farts!

I have such a big, beautiful body! Look how big and curvy my ass is! Its a stinky ass too! I have such loud, smelly farts! Sometimes my farts stink so bad that I gag on them! They really stink that bad! I wish you could smell them! You can definitely hear then and watch as I fart over and over again! I put my ass right up into your face and let out some huge, stinky toots! Enjoy! Download Nasty Naked Farts! movie

Scat Cafe at your service! HD Part 1

Part 1 HD – WE ARE OPEN!!! Come on in and check out our SCAT CAFe.. Here you will be well served with your desire, whatever it is you like, it can be solid, slimy, squishy or fruity shit? We have it all, come by anytime and our beautiful and young servers are waiting for you! We dont just serve shit, oh no… we also serve golden juice, freshly delivered from the urethra of our cute waitresses. Whether you deside to be serve on cutlery or directly into your hungry mouth is entirely up to you. Download Scat Cafe at your service! HD Part 1 movie

Eating My Shit Compilation Part 2

Part 2 Eating my own shit brings me so much joy and pleasure! As soon as that shit goes past my throat and down into my belly, a jolt of pleasure goes directly to my pussy! I love sharing my shit eating adventures with you. Ive combined all of my greatest shit eating moments into two amazing, sexy, shit swallowing video! I swallow so many turds and smear my shit all over my mouth! If you get as turned on as I do by shit eat, then you are going to cum like crazy from this video! Enjoy! Download Eating My Shit Compilation Part 2 movie

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