Scat at the balcony P2

After the toilet slave has get his first bunch of shit in his mouth we do the same here in the second part. Again we are shitting the toilet slave directly in his throat, hahaha Download Scat at the balcony P2 movie

2 godesses in a mix of bdsm and toilet full hd action

Godess Saida and Godess Anita in a mix scene. In the first scene, Godess Saida fucking my arse with her strapon in a dungeon then in second scene, Godess Anita in spandex tan leggings, sit on my face, suffocate me, then pee through leggings and shit through them into my hungry mouth. Best full hd scenes in a mix ! 2 real Godesses ! Download 2 godesses in a mix of bdsm and toilet full hd action movie


CUSTOM REQUEST – FULL NUDE, NUDE FEET, REVERSE FACESITTING. Please also use a belt for taking care that he will be smothered by your farts (or even your shit) of your ass, English language this time please. Have a look in all the pictures please for angle view, positions (this time especially the position 1 for this new video !), dominant face that i would like.majority of the video will be facesitting and lots of farts loud and wet, and for finishing you can shit as much as you want on him. Dont hesitate to be rude when you are facesitting or farting or shitting, and using the belt for pushing him hardly on you. This time, suffocate him long time, like 40-50 consecutive secondes by blocking nose and mouth with your ass and also the belt. Camera more close this timewhere I can see your full body and your full dominant face, but also sometimes big plan in your ass and dirty natural feet. Crual verbal domination, laughing when hes suffering. Ass very close to his face when you are farting or shitting on him and dont hesitate to sit on him right after in the second which follows without waiting. With the belt, dont hesitate to suffocate him long long time and make him really suffer and insulting him, use the belt for at least 6-7min. Download MISTRESS GAIA – ASS SMOTHERED IN MY SCAT – HD version movie

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