Shit Smeared Sheets! Part 2

As promised, here is the amazing part 2 of my dirty fun staining my pretty white sheets with my delicious shit! Watch me smear my body with shit! Listen to me beg to be fucked right there in my bed! It?s okay that my sheets are ruined! I?m covered it shit and turns me on so much! This is what makes me happy and horny! I roll around in my shit and sheets getting completely filthy. I love talking dirty to you. Telling you what I wish you were doing to me! I get so turned on I have to cum so bad! Luckily I have a cute little dildo to fuck my dirty pussy with! I fuck my dirty pussy and moan, imagining that it?s a nice hard cock fucking my wet pussy hole! I cum so hard! I love making myself cum while I?m covered in shit! Check out the mess I make in my bed! This is one HOT video! Enjoy! Download Shit Smeared Sheets! Part 2 movie

Foot in mouth full of scat

Mistress was in a hurry and must empty asap and call me to use my mouth as usually. This time she order me to go into bathroom, lay down and open wide my fucking mouth for helping her asshole to empty. After a BIG TORRENT OF PEE she shit from face and from behind camera and filling my cavity with a great shit. Using me also as ashtray she put her beautiful feet into my full mouth of shit and pushing it deep into my throat for making me gag and eating more of her waste. A really small but intense humiliation clip. Enjoy it. Download Foot in mouth full of scat movie


Rarely I grant to my bitch to smell my privates, Ill slam my pussy in her face, she knows that she can not touch it and lick it, she will begin to behave like a whore, willing to transgress all the rules that her Mistress has imposed… but much more will come in her mouth … I wonder if she will still want to sniff! Download MISTRESS GAIA – PURE SADISM movie

Scat Cats – Please let me Eat Your Shit P2

The pile of shit still look out of the mouth of the toilet slave. Now its time to chew and swallow. Finally Domi wants to poop yet. The second heap of shit is nice, soft and creamy. He can swallow without chewing. Both Mistresses still puke now in his mouth. Several times, the slave has to swallow the vomit. And now he licks up the snot from the tissues. At the end he get a thick snot of Kimi. She puts the boogers slowly on his tongue. Then he close his mouth to chew the booger, he enjoy the salty taste on his tongue. Download Scat Cats – Please let me Eat Your Shit P2 movie

Food For My Toilet Slave

Welcome to my bathroom! Come on it, dont be scared! I know why you are here. I know what you want. You want to be my toilet slave, dont you? Its alright. I know thats what you want. Luckily for you, I really want to feed you! I need someone like you who will let me feed them my shit! I want you to be a good toilet slave and eat everything I feed you. I want you to make me proud! Now, I want you to watch as I push out a nice big load of poop for you! Then Im going to feed it to you! Ive got a nice clean plate and a fork for you. Now get down on your knees and open your mouth! Ive got your dinner all ready for you! If you are good and eat all your food, Ill even feed you off of my boob! Enjoy! Download Food For My Toilet Slave movie

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