Shitting my satin shorts success

I try again to shit in my new satin short, this time is a success:)), so after i take a big shit in them i start my vibrator and i play with my clit, feeling the warm shit in my shorts is makes me so horny and makes me cum so bad, but once is not enough for me:)) i take the shorts off and i grab my dildo and i start fuking my asshole hard and deep, playing with my clit, cuming again makes me feel so relaxed. mmm this was such a nice success! Enjoy! Download Shitting my satin shorts success movie

Mouth Filled and Gassed

While going through my boyfriends history I always find plenty of fart porn and sometimes even SC4T.. porn. He likes to lie and say he just watches it because its funny. Being the submissive little bitch pet that he is he lets me tie him up and sit on his face whenever I would like. So I decide to test this little theory of mine.. I strap him into the smother bench and sit on his face like usual.. teasing him I give him strict instruction to stroke his cock and NOT to cum until I give him permission… farting whenever I need to and whether he likes it or not, doesnt matter to me. Im not getting up. So when he needs to breathe.. he breathes what my ass gives him.. what he doesnt expect this time is I decided to put a white pair of panty hose over the top of his head which he was confused on but will soon find out.. Everytime I have to fart he always moans and complains about the smell.. so how about I fill that mouth of his with the same thing I find in his history lately? After dumping plenty of fresh hot gas into his nostrils, I let him know that I have to use the bathroom.. so he thinks hes just going to wait patiently for me to return.. WRONG.. open your mouth Omg noo .. he cries and moans as he realizes whats about to happen but my little bitch will do whatever I ask of him.. I place my ass directly inside his mouth and fill it to the brim before pulling the tights over his face and continuing where I left off.. making a nice gag so I dont have to hear his fucking complaining anymore.. PFFRTTRAPP… Ahh, yes keep stroking.. good boy.. BOOM… I pull off another headshot as I smother his face with my ass and fill his nose with more gas.. Was I right about my theory? Will this pathetic bitch still be able to cum when I command him to? Can anyone really be that pathetic?……… Download Mouth Filled and Gassed movie

The Mother and The Daughter! – Part 1

Part 1 – Her abusive husband has taken interest in her one and only daughter. She knows that something is going on when she is not around and she is right as she caught him in the act with her daughter naked and kneeling before him. To avoid argument and more abuse, she joins them. He makes her swallow her daughters piss in her mouth. While he takes the pleasure in seeing this he smirks to himself, he is getting hard he takes his cock out and take a piss right in her daughters mouth. It is truly turning him on. She made her ride her daughters back like a crab with their ass holes exposed to him and told them to take a dump! While she can as she is use to this from her husband. Her daughter cannot as it is her first time. Download The Mother and The Daughter! – Part 1 movie

Nasty Girlfriends Scatter Shit and Pee All Over My Bed! – Full Movie

They need a place to spend the night, they say. So being the generous shit that I am, I give them keys to my spare room. Little did I know that they will turn my space into a den of shitting and peeing. As soon as they settle in, they eat each others cunts to stimulate their pee and shit. Download Nasty Girlfriends Scatter Shit and Pee All Over My Bed! – Full Movie movie

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