Housewife Prepares Poop Pork Curry for Hubby! – Full Movie

Her husband has peculiar food tastes and as his wife, shes has to comply with it. Hes going to be home soon and she needs to prepare his dinner. She takes off her clothes and then she cooks the breaded pork chops. She sets the meat on the plate and then she squats over it. She ejects soft and sticky shit which will serve as the porks curry sauce, just the way her hubby likes it! Download Housewife Prepares Poop Pork Curry for Hubby! – Full Movie movie

Special Ks pile up 1080p HD

New girl who goes by the name Special K comes by to drop a huge pile of soft serve in the slaves mouth and face. Shes been on a high fiber diet and shits out some huge piles. What a lucky slave. Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download Special Ks pile up 1080p HD movie

How I Got Into Scat

I am always getting asked how I got into poop and scat play. I figured it was time to answer that question. In this video, I sit down with you and really get into my history with scat play and why I enjoy it so much! For 10 minutes its just you and me. I tell you about my first experiences when I was younger and then later as an adult. If youve ever wanted to know all about my history with scat then check out this video! Enjoy! Download How I Got Into Scat movie

MistressAnna – Nasty Farts And Shit

Must watch video ! This video begins with extreme doggy style farting POV in leather pants. There is a symphony of fart sounds from my ass as you imagine yourself receiving these treasures. My laughing face is visible in an inset so you can imagine the contempt I feel for you weakness for my beauty. Then the scene switches to my slave, already waiting under the toilet where he belongs, as I walk into view dressed only in red panties and high heeled shoes. You get to hear me sigh and moan with pleasure as my slave prepares my asshole with its dutiful kisses and tongue worship. Of course, no matter how hard it tries I always enjoy its suffering so I whip its balls to hear its desperate cries. It is like a baby lamb licking so intently as my bare feet alternately fondle, tease and torture its balls. Finally, as my the asshole becomes engorged and grows larger the slave it all the way in my asshole with its tongue until finally it is rewarded with my delicious shit. I all it to clean my asshole from the same position. Then I get up, now fully naked except for my high heeled shoes, and order the slave to get on its hands and knees to eat my holy shit from the floor. Of course, I start whipping the slave and it begs, Please stop, though to no avail. I walk from one side to the other so you get to see my pussy and my ass as I amuse myself. The sunlight shows you my perfect skin and glints off the smooth curve of my firm ass cheeks and the full, luscious lips of my perfect pussy. you will be tempted to imagine being a man, though you are only a TOILET. I laugh as it whimpers as I would laugh at your tiny dick if you were MY TOIELT! The last scene is of my slave trying to eat my shit off the floor. Imagine if you were so lucky. Download MistressAnna – Nasty Farts And Shit movie


Completely fill the mouth and the face of my female slave with my own shit, with a remarkable amount of my divine chocolate. Slowly, my bitch is gaining more and more confidence with her natural state of living toilet and is increasingly aware of how lucky she is to be able to serve in this way … and in fact, her pussy is all wet! Download MISTRESS GAIA – COVERED IN SHIT – mobile version movie

25 Loads! Pussy Stuffing

This is the third installment of my 25 load adventure! I love stuffing shit up my pussy! It feels so dirty and nasty! Luckily Ive never had any health problems, just pure fun! I love stuffing fresh shit up my pussy, now lets see if I enjoy stuffing 25 loads of collected poop up my cunt! I give you a nice close of up my horny, shit smeared pussy! You are going to love the detail and the sounds! I hope this video turns you on as much as it turned me on when I was making it! Enjoy! Download 25 Loads! Pussy Stuffing movie

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