Pickled Eggs Fart and Poop!

I found a jar of pickled eggs at the market! I get the nastiest gas when I eat eggs. I wonder how nasty my farts and shit will be after eating pickled eggs!? Watch as I eat two pickled eggs, then immediately get the nastiest gas ever! These farts arent very loud but they stink so bad! Ive never smelled such an awful stench before! And its all coming out of my ass! Then, a day later, I squat down on the floor and push out the most disgusting dark brown, mushy shit! Its so foul! Ive never shit out nastier shit in my life! I can not believe thats what comes out of my ass after I eat pickled eggs! Nasty! Download Pickled Eggs Fart and Poop! movie

Candys curvy ass shit for you

In this clip you can see my favorite Cam-Position and this is POV!! Is so cool when you can see what a real slave see!! Knees on the chair and you can see my little foots,my big ass and the asshole!! Crass i must press and look what comes on the curvy candy asshole!! You are so horny,when the clip is ended,you have a very beautiful orgasm!! Download Candys curvy ass shit for you movie

Mommys Poopy Diaper

Mommy loves you so much! I really do! I want to take care of you and love you but it makes me so happy to see you suffer! Mommy cant help it, baby! Mommy has a very dirty diaper for you to wear today! I know you are not going to like it very much. But it will make Mommy so happy! It makes me feel so good to humiliate you, baby! Mommy has a diaper that is filled with poop! Yes, baby, I pooped in one of your diapers! And I am going to make you wear it! I know you will secretly love it! Once Mommy gets this diaper on you we are going to go to the store! You will have to wear your disgusting, smelly diaper out in public where anyone can smell you! The look of humiliation on your face will please me so much! You are going to be such a good baby for Mommy! Its time to get this stinky, poopy diaper on you now! Download Mommys Poopy Diaper movie

Nine Hot Loads Of Shit!

A HUGE HOT NEW EFRO ADVENTURE! In this amazing new collection video you get to watch my push out NINE huge, sexy, stinky, loads of shit! I shit so close to your face! You get to see every little detail as all that shit pours out of my ass! You get to watch me shit in so many different positions and you get to see how much shit changes from day to day! Listen to me grunt as I struggle to push out my shit and then moan in pleasure as I get turned on my feeling my shit stretch my poophole open! I love shitting for you! And I love share my most private act with you! Enjoy! Download Nine Hot Loads Of Shit! movie

Heikos 12 Hours Part2

Already at breakfast our slave Heiko is at our command, and waiting for being used for whatsoever. In this case he hits the spot with me and Marie. Precisely in the morning he has got my fullattention. I think its great that he wants to surrender himself to me for 12 hours. Therefore I provedhim in a special way. If he will manage this portion? Download Heikos 12 Hours Part2 movie

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