The toilet licker

My slave is advised to clean the restrooms on his knees. After a short check it is time for some education. I choice one toilet and shit on it very nice. Now my useless slave must use his tongue to make the toilet really clean. Because he previously cleaned this toilet only a bit lazy, he now must lick up all the dry piss and shit, that was in it before also? What a pity? *smile* Download The toilet licker movie

166.1 New slave Mistres Isabella

166.1 Do not forget i like to have slaves for 24/7 H24 by me in Sardinia!!!!!!! This is the first session of a sissy slave by me, the slave is not bad, he support a lot of torture and… this is his first experience!!! You can not believe! Take a look of my free website, in a few time i will upload here on YEZZ new clips in english and German, just wait! MP4 fast and easy download. This is 24 min for you! Download 166.1 New slave Mistres Isabella movie

Toilet sabotage

At the school toilet, a scatophilia janitor sabotage the toilet flush by disconnecting it so that when the schoolgirls comes back from their breaktime they will be depositing some shit they wouldn?t be able to flush their shit. As expected, a schoolgirl comes and shit then calls the cleaner and told him the toilet doesnt flush, as a good cleaner he was he told her not to worry and he will make sure to get it fix. He totally loved it,smelling fresh young shit from the toilet and scooped it up! Download Toilet sabotage movie

Prison Warden Pukes and Pisses on Prisoner

Today, the prison warden has already delivered her shit into the mouths of other prisoners. She knows that she can only deliver so much shit and there is not enough to go around for all. Knowing this, she has other tricks ready to punish her slaves with and today it will be freshly puked vomit into the slaves mouth. She rubs it all across the prisoners face and pokes he fingers deep into his throat to provoke vomit of his own which will be mixed with her own. After this, she stands above and showers him in her golden piss. Download Prison Warden Pukes and Pisses on Prisoner movie

Peeing In My Pretty Panties For Daddy

Im going to pee in my pretty lace panties just for you Daddy! I love showing off my ass and talking dirty to you! You are the naughtiest Daddy ever! I love that you like to watch your little girl pee and do dirty things with her piss soaked panties! I completely soak my panties in my pee! Then I take them off and stuff them in my mouth! MMM! My pee tastes so good! Im drinking my pee just for you Daddy! I gag a little as I stuff my panties in my mouth! Then I take them out and stuff them up my pussy! It looks like I have a tail! My piss soaked panties are hanging out of my cunt! I dance around and wiggle and giggle! I love being a dirty girl for you! I hope you enjoy my video, Daddy! Download Peeing In My Pretty Panties For Daddy movie

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