Just in the winter one has too look for good feeding for the slaves. Therefore I went to the basement and took my slave up for feedingtime. He was bound to the cross and with 10 kg weight on his balls he was fed with my caviar. After that, he was surprised with some clamps, ballbusting and cbt! I think he is fed up for the next days. (scat, cbt, ballbusting, slave vomit, spitting, nipple play, femdom, female domination) Download Feedingtime movie

Scat Torture 3 – Shit Faced

All day Ive caught my slave staring at my ass while he was following me while I shopped the mall with his credit card. People could see him blatently staring right at my ass, no matter how many times I corrected him he continued to glare like a horny !! So mid way through shopping I felt a big one coming.. Like I needed to use the toilet in a bad way. But since he just loves my ass so much I know he wouldnt mind being my toilet instead, so I just let him continue to visualize and fantasize about this ass.. Little did he know what was waiting for him inside of it, that he was earning each minute he locked onto my ass with his eyes.. Would only make me that much more determined… We arrived back at my place that evening and I let him know about his emberassment he has caused me.. And now he would suffer under my ass as punishment and struggle for each of his breaths with his nose pressed tightly against my ass.. Once I strapped him to the bench, I close the toilet seat and tightened the clamps to completely trap and immobilize his head and sat my tight perky ass right onto his nose. Wearing the same leggings and panties I just spent all day shopping and sweating in I know the smell alone must be haunting his nose… I play a few games on his face ripping plenty of fresh ones until suddenly they start becoming quiet and airy.. Meaning something more was on its way. The smell must have gotten 10x worse as his moaning got heavier. So I let him know his true demise.. I know youve been staring at my ass all day, I bet you didnt know there was a big sht in there did you?! .. He moans his disgust and surprise very clearly.. But I just laugh, I can feel I now REALLY need to get it out so I finish the game just pushing it out slightly against his nose so he can smell it.. God even I can smell it… It must be horrible for him, I want it to be. This is what fucking perverts get. You liked my ass so much to stare at it all day, so now youll get whats inside Hunny.. I take my tights down and order his mouth to stay wide open while I point my asshole straight in his waiting lips and release a long, creamy shit. Piling outside of his mouth I stand back up and pull the white tights on his forehad down tightly covering his entire face, trapping any of the shit in place. Allowing zero chance of rejection or escape from the healthy load filling his cheeks and sit straight back down squishing it and packing it deeply into his throat.. only to continue my fart session, assaulting his nose with even more deadly post-shit gas. Unlucky for him the farting just keeps coming with more little gifts, caching the fabric over his nose. You can only imagine how difficult breathing becomes with each shart steadily applying fresh shit and further blocking his attempts to breathe.. Perfect.. mouth full of shit, nose full of shit.. no where for it to go.. And even when Im not smothering him.. he still fights for each breath.. only the harder he tries to suck in fresh air? The more shit he pulls into his lungs.. Gagging from time to time as he has to swallow my shit that is slowly dissolving and leaking down his throat.. Suffer bitch. Download Scat Torture 3 – Shit Faced movie

Krissi and Tami

If you wanna see young College students that produce big loads of SHIT and also have a lot of fun doing that in front of the camera then this is the right video for you!! Download Krissi and Tami movie

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