Mommy Makes Baby Eat Shit!

My helpless little baby, Mommy loves making you suffer. You are my sweet little toilet slave baby. I love making you eat my poop and drink my piss, baby. Youre so small and helpless, you have to do everything I tell you to do. And I can do anything I want to you, baby. I can make you lick my pussy, I can shit in your diapers and your bottle and even shove my shit down your throat! I can plug your little baby ass and order you to wear dirty diapers forever! You are mine, baby! You love your Mommy, dont you? You love Mommys sexy body! Mommys big juicy milk filled boobies? And you love Mommys ass! You know thats where your food comes from! You eat nothing but Mommys shit! And you drink nothing but Mommys piss! But today I have a special treat for you! Im going to let you drink milk from a bottle! But first Mommy is going to shit in your diaper and in your bottle! You will be drinking milk from a bottle with Mommys shit in it while you sit in a diaper filled with Mommys poop! You are going to stink so bad while you drink your shit bottle! I hope you love sitting in your shitty diaper, baby! Its going to be a long time before I change you! Now eat Mommys shit and be a good baby! Enjoy! Download Mommy Makes Baby Eat Shit! movie

The Long Poop

It has been day since Ive pooped! It is finally time to get all that shit out of me! I know Ive got a lot in me and Im ready for a long haul! It takes me over and hour and three separate attempts to get this load out! I sit on the edge of my bath tub and talk dirty to you while I push and push! I have so much poop in my butt! And I want you to see me push it all out! I want you to see my shithole strain and stretch as it opens up and lets all those turds out of my ass! At first, they are small, hard turds that fall to the floor of my tub but soon I am pushing out a nice big solid shit! And I want you to watch it all! Enjoy! Download The Long Poop movie

You are going to have a taste of me

So you want to be my slave? You have been contacting me multiple times and begged me for weeks before I finally invited you here in my appartment. I ordered you to sit on the floor in the corner of my bathroom. For our first time together I want you to have a taste of me And by taste of me, I really mean a taste of me. Im gonna prepare a nice soup for you and you will have to drink it until the last drop. I start by putting some pussy hair in the bowl. Then some of the dirty water I kept from my pussy shaving. I add some spit, and toenail clippings. And finally, the most important and precious ingredient If you want to be my slave you have to taste my golden liquid. This is the most precious thing I can give you, so you better appreciate it like you should. Now I want you to lick this soup until the last drop, with your tongue like a good d0g. You have no choice, you wanted to be my slave, and thats what it takes to be my slave. Download You are going to have a taste of me movie

3 Video Erin ahd Gina Scat Domination

3 Video Erin ahd Gina Scat Domination. Scat Domination 1.Gina diarrhea. Gina has been eating a lot for a few days and she also has been saving up her chocolate shit for her slave. 2.Princess Gina acquires an obedient toilet slave. Every day Gina uses the slaves mouth for her needs. Every morning, as she wakes up, she pisses and drops shit in his mouth. She often calls her friends to use the slaves mouth as a toilet. Today, she makes his mouth full of chocolate shit. Do you want to be in his place? Download 3 Video Erin ahd Gina Scat Domination movie

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