Scat Dance P2

The two slaves find it hard to eat the shit from the plate. While the ladies are sitting and take her breakfast in a normal way. Their slaves have to kneel and pick up the shit bit by bit from the plates which are standing on the floor. But then appears suddenly a new lady and shits a third portion of shit on the plate, more feed for the toilets slaves. Download Scat Dance P2 movie

Mistress Anna – POV Eat my shit

Simple and elegant. This time I am wearing nothing but my perfect beauty as a sit down to make a solo video. With no slave in the way of your view, you get to see my perfection from two different angles and imagine you are there as you play with your disgusting penis. When I am done I speak directly into the camera, saying the only words I would ever deign to speak to a pig like you, Eat my shit. Of course, it would be an honor for you and the high point of your sub-human existence. Imagine it in your mouth as you spew your goo. Though my shit is not there you can always eat your cum! Download Mistress Anna – POV Eat my shit movie

I Found Someones Poop!

I was in a public bathroom a few days ago making a fun little diaper video when I noticed these disgusting shit stains left in one of the public toilets! The whole bathroom smelled like fresh shit! Who ever left that shit had done so recently! I went into the stall and sniffed the air! Oh man! It stunk like someone elses shit! Who ever shit in this toilet must have had a HUGE load! Look at how much poop is left in the toilet! She must have let out a giant load of turds to make shit tracks like that! I am getting turned on by smelling some random girls shit. I decided to touch her shit. I stick my finger in the bowl and scoop up of poop! I really want to taste it so I pop my finger in my mouth! Yum! I stick my hand in the bowl and play with the poopy water! Mmm! This is fun! I know that most girls wouldnt want to pee in the toilet with shit stains in it so I get some toilet paper, reach my hand into the bowl, and scrub the poop off of the toilet! I am such a good scat whore! Download I Found Someones Poop! movie

2 goddesses humiliate me in a renting apartment part 1

Today i call my 2 good friends, 2 gorgeous dommes and ask them if they are ready to use me and humiliate me beeing their FULL TOILET SLAVE for both, SAMETIME !! THEY AGREE and ask me to rent asap an apartment and go there cause they cannot hold it anymore !!! They use my mouth and body, one after another, filling my mouth with their pee, put me to drink their pee, and order me to eat their MIXED SHIT !! Meanwhile they give me another task with cock strocking and also fisting my ass. The clip was too long and is splitted in 3 parts. part one now Download 2 goddesses humiliate me in a renting apartment part 1 movie

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