A student as victim

Miss Jane and me arrive in the classroom, but instead of our class, we find a bound slave. He begs for getting freed, but we will not help him! We laugh at him and do some games with him. A pitty, that we both just needed to pee. We filled him up with our pee using a cone and let him swallow all. Download A student as victim movie

Grace and Erin torment the slave, piss and shit on him

Girls goof on a guy. Erin put a guy on his knees and Grace puts handcuffs on his hands to completely immobilize him. Now he is a slave of two young beautiful women. The slave is on his knees. Erin kicks and punches in the face of an unfortunate slave. Girls spit in his face, they laugh. Erins laughter is very exciting, and now the slave has to lie on the floor and his face is placed under a special chair for making him immovable. Grace sets over his face and farts in the mouth. Erin laughs aloud. Grace shits in his mouth and Erin beats his body with a belt with wild laughter. Now its Erins turn. She sits down on the slaves face, farts aloud and pees on his face. Now girls spit in his face and attaches papers with the furniture stapler – shit, loser, mouth full, they laugh, spit on, and kick the slave …. Download Grace and Erin torment the slave, piss and shit on him movie

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