Good Morning Farts

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248 ITALIANs KVIAR Lasagnaby Mistress Isabella

Today I eat a very tastefull LASAGNA, that means pasta with meat and tomatoes and parmsan and aroma from mediterranean isalnd… koocking in the oven…..very tastefull!!!!! Unvelivebale! I made this lasagna and I eat all…. and… the day after a NEW slave can eat my poo. Beautifull experience, for him and for me. A very good slavr at his first experience, coming from north europe, may be norvegian, i do not remenber, for me it is only a wc slave! But working very good! The video is in italian language because he do not understand nothing, so i speak italian but… you can understand all! MP4 mobile and pc version very FAST download. Download 248 ITALIANs KVIAR Lasagnaby Mistress Isabella movie

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