Pooping in acid washed skinny jeans

A fan bought me those acid washed jeans so I could poop in them. Do you like them? Your dick is already hard right now knowing Im about to poop in my jeans. My asshole is so full! I tease you and walk around a bit before I empty my bowels. Its difficult to poop while standing up because part of my poop is hard and those pants are so tight! You can hear me moan and grunt as I push I have to push so hard that I cant hold my pee. I now feel the warm shit covering my ass. I would love to sit on your face, hump it and squash my poop all over. I walk around and come closer to the camera to show you the back of my pants. I feel the bump with my hands. Then I sit on a chair and make my pants dirtier. I hump the chair like if it was your face! Im going to order you to lick those jeans clean with your tongue! I want you to be like new when you are done! I tease you again and again by walking around and moving my dirty ass. I go closer and farther to the camera in multiple positions. I love knowing that you are stroking your cock to my dirty ass right now! I can feel the poop all over my ass. Wanna see my dirty ass cheeks now? Beg me! I take the pants off to reveal my dirty asscheeks. Some shit is falling on the floor because the inside of my pants is too full. I show the inside of my pants from a closer angle and then tease you with my dirty ass. I need one of you freaks to come here and lick my ass clean. Dont you wanna empty your balls for my dirty ass right now? Extra clip: In the first scene I show you a close-up of my poop. In the second scene I weight my poop. Download Pooping in acid washed skinny jeans movie

yellow drink in the kitchen

Princess nikki prepares a yeallow drink in the kitchen. She makes the slave to drink a lot of this spezial fluis then she keeps the rest on the floor. She humilate the slave by this sansless action, then sure he have to clean 🙂 pee, piss, humilation, toilet slavery, toilet humilation, pissing, princess Download yellow drink in the kitchen movie

The Mask Part 2 Marie

Here we have a Movie that was very heavy on our Slave. The Rock Toilet weights 12 KG plus the Girl around 50 KG and then the Slave left with the Option swallow fast or not breath, which created big Problems, but at the End The Slave won by swallowing all and fast. A Camera is mounted in the Back of this Toilet and shows clearly what happens inside. English Subtitles Download The Mask Part 2 Marie movie

Lesbo Bitches Creates a Disgusting Shit Shampoo! – HD Full Movie

HD – Theyre not in the shower to get clean…theyre in there to get dirty! This has got to be the most disgusting shower Ive ever seen! They kiss and make out in there and they take turns peeing on a plastic bowl. The first girl bends down so the other chick can pour the warm yellow liquid all over her! Now theyre going to soap each other using scat… Download Lesbo Bitches Creates a Disgusting Shit Shampoo! – HD Full Movie movie

Big turds and prolapsed rectum

My room mate keeps sneaking into my bedroom to smell my worn panties. So I need to teach him a lesson so when is goes out for holidays i record the next video and i send it along with 2 pairs off dirty panties. In the video i explain to him what will happen next, that he will be my full time slave and he will smell my pussy and my cum for the rest of his life, but my pussy is not the only smell whitch will remember for the rest of his life. So i send the panties to him to get used still is coming home! Enjoy! Download Big turds and prolapsed rectum movie

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