Desperate Gym Shit

OMFG I almost shit my jeans! I as on my way to the gym, packing my bag and planned to take my camera with as I was going to hold my morning shit and video tape it for you but I couldnt hold it! I had my winter boots on, my hot pink super tight jeans on and my winter bomber jacket…all set to go and then the sensation came on. I tried my hardest to hold, squeezing tightly but it as about to come. As I was taking off my jean I already was shitting myself a little, my massive shit wasnt gonna wait for me. So I quickly take off my boots, pull down my jeans and explode everywhere, my shit spattered on the back of the toilet seat. And the smell as horrible, must have been from all the protein Ive been eating. Ive been doing the paleo diet so my shit is huge, dark and smelly. I tried to wipe myself but I made such a mess that I had to use some wet wipe and clean myself up better as I dont wear underwear to the gym. I had to flush twice but sometimes that happens when the stink is so bad. Just to get me in the mood for the gym I flex my biceps for you….I know you love strong dominant women like ME! Download Desperate Gym Shit movie

11..Jenny humiliated and pissed on her slave

Jenny has had a walk with her friends and had a lot of drinks. She intentionally has not visited the WC to come home and to piss on her slave. Jenny told the slave to go under a special chair-toilet. At first, she has been smoking and spitting into the servants mouth, and in the end the slave received the urine of his favorite Mistress. The slave was choking and did not have time to swallow the urine of his Mistress. Therefore, Jenny made him to lick her urine and spits from the floor filming the entire process on camera. Download 11..Jenny humiliated and pissed on her slave movie

Janny! pissing

1. Jenny piss pov Domination 2.Jenny did a crap on her slave in the bathroom. I decided to take a bath, but I wanted to take a crap. Thats so great that I have my personal slave. This jerk is lying on the bathroom floor with his mouth open and waiting when I will feed him. I spit in his face, then I relieve myself, I place shit in his mouth with pleasure, I like to watch how this wanker eats my shit, next time Ill make him eat right from the toilet. To be continued! Download Janny! pissing movie

A Week of Shit ? Pussy Stuffing and Face Smearing

Time for some more dirty, fun scat play! I am covered in a weeks worth of shit! I?ve gotten so horny after playing with all this poop and my fun toys. Now it?s time to stuff my pussy full of shit! I gather up a nice big handful of poop and just start shoving it in my cunt! It?s sticky but I get almost all of it into my pussy! It feels so good being so full of poop! I take my dirty hand and shove it in my pussy. I dig handfuls of shit out of my pussy! Man! I sure shoved a lot up there! My shit smells like my pussy now! How hot would it be to cover my face in poop that had been up my cunt!? Well, that is what I?m going to do! I gather up two big handfuls of shit and smear it all over my face! I completely cover every inch of my pretty, freckled face with my thick, stinky poo! I get my eyes too! I look so pretty with my face coated in shit! I roll around in the tub and write my name on the shower wall! I feel so beautiful when I?m covered in poop! Download A Week of Shit ? Pussy Stuffing and Face Smearing movie

Eat my shit isnt for free!

Since today, this nasty asshole will pay me for the pleasure of eat my tasty shit. He is laying on the floor waiting for his lunch with the tribute ready on his right hand and the toilet paper on his left. This way is much rewarding to shit in this human garbage 🙂 Download Eat my shit isnt for free! movie

Eating Miss Cinnamons dump WMV

New comer and big booty shit queen Miss Cinnamon gives the toilet slave a meal that he will never forget. She unloads a massive meal out of her huge 50 inch ass of hers. After the video the toilet confesses that she gave him the largest turd meal hes had so far. You will see more of this shit goddess in the future. If you would like a session and think you can handle her massive meals email Miss Cinnamon at Will be available in 1080p HD 720p HD WMV, Ipad 720p HD and Iphone/Ipod formats. Download Eating Miss Cinnamons dump WMV movie

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