Heikos 12 Hours Part2

Already at breakfast our slave Heiko is at our command, and waiting for being used for whatsoever. In this case he hits the spot with me and Marie. Precisely in the morning he has got my fullattention. I think its great that he wants to surrender himself to me for 12 hours. Therefore I provedhim in a special way. If he will manage this portion? Download Heikos 12 Hours Part2 movie

Biological toilet in a wardrobe?

In the hotel the bitch from the front desk told us, that there is a biological toilet in the wardrobe in our room. Later we noticed, what she wanted to say with that. There was a living toilet in there! What a fun. I must check it out immediately! I filled his mouth with a huge load of scat and pee! I like this hotel – I think I will check in here more frequently… Download Biological toilet in a wardrobe? movie

Gas Mask Test

We just received a new gift from my wishlist from a very good slave admirer. A GAS MASK!! So while staying @ the Westin in Cleveland before we left to see the Cavs play against Golden state I was feeling a little “airy” per say.. and wanted to launch a few farts into this baby. I love it already, my farts have nowhere to go but into his lungs:) And all I have to do is plug the little hole and I can suffocate him with his mask full of my gas!! I launch a few into his gas mask, but decide to remove the mask and give him some nude farts directly into his nose. I still love the feeling of his nose trying to suck for air against my ass only to be stuffed with my farts. It really does turn me on:) The gas mask now has a hose and you will see it in an upcoming video but it was just being tested;) I first launch some farts into his face from a side view, then switching to the rear for a more personal experience. Making sure every ounce goes into his nose, I dont want to smell a thing!! But!! My slave isnt sniffing hard enough or making enough of a seal so I get tired of his efforts and just stuff his nose in my pussy and smother him helpless. Letting the gas build up, just for a finale I tell him if he doesnt get himself off to my farts in his nose Im going to slap him, HARD. I fart straight up his little nose all the way into his lungs and smother him with my pussy until he cums like a good little piggy. .. Now its off to the cavs!! Id hate to see his punishment if they lose tonight… And guess what.. they did. And there will be a follow up of his punishment as well;)———————- CLIP CONTAINS Gas mask, reverse smothering and Face farting, Farts directly into his nose sealed to my ass, dirty talk, forward pussy smother and overall humiliation >:) Download Gas Mask Test movie


Today I want only to release and vent all my sadism, and I think it will be adequately fulfilling for me to impose you to resist the whole day without shitting until you will explode, and once you exploded, see you buy this clip, just to remind you what a kind of onanists and losers you are, paying me to suffer my vexations, what a kind of disgusting coprophilist jerkers you are. One thing is BASIC: you can jerk your dick only if you have your pants full of shit. Do you understand? Was I clear for you pea brain? First of all you MUST hold all the shit back in you until youll explode; then you will have to hurry up and buy this clip. Finally you MUST jerk your dick till youll blow your load… and the most important thing is youll do it while youre floating in your own shit. But I want to mock you more than this: THE MOST IMPORTANT THING is you MUST wear womens tights. Thats the first thing youre going to do, its your priority, the first instruction you MUST follow. DO IT NOW!!! I want to keep you VERY CLOSE to your own excrements! Download MISTRESS GAIA – PANTYHOSE SCAT movie


My mistress needed to change something in my behavior and she get a crop to can show me what i will receive if i dont eat her shit and drink all her pee. She beginning letting me worship her gorgeous pussy lips, trampling me on my chest, pushing her foot in my mouth deep, filling my mouth with more than 1 litre of her fresh nectar …spanking my body-face-cock and balls with her crop, shitting a huge mix of diarheea and shit then order me to be a good toilet and eat all her shit slowly. More action in part 2 . file is .wmv with sound !! Download HARD SHIT TO DIGEST PART 1 movie


SUNDAY .. NO SLAVES AROUND MY DUNGEON . ..WHAT CAN I DO ? i need to piss and shit so much and i think that its time to prepare a nice meal for my loyal toilets. Dressing in a crotchless catsuit . ..and pissing and shitting in a bowl for them. Thats it !! enjoy and bon apetit my toilets !!! NEW MOVIE IN OUR OTHER STORE EATINGALLSHITFROMGODESS : GODESS EZADA AND HER FULL TOILET SLAVE EATING ALL HER SHIT !!! Check the store and buy the only one scat movie with Godess Ezada in action !!! Download DAILY BREAKFAST FOR MY SLAVES IN CATSUIT movie

Keeping The Secret in the Family!

This pair share a bond like no other – they like producing and eating piss and scat! This morning while their bladders are still full, they give it a go, right there in the kitchen while Mom is away. She kneels on the cold floor and opens for mouth, which Dad fills up with his warm morning piss! Dad lies down on the floor and makes her sit on top of his face. She obliges and moments later ejects chunks of shit right into his eager mouth! He fingers her asshole, not wanting to waste precious scat. He makes her lick his finger so she can taste her own shit. Yummy! Download Keeping The Secret in the Family! movie

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