Beginner swallows shit

Who would have thought … A beginner has applied to me. It was his first scat session. But after that I do not take into consideration. Toilet toilet for me. Hole hole! I accept only 100% working toilets. This means that the shit that I shit you in the mouth must be swallowed down completely! This Beginners overexert yourself properly and make it even at the 1st time to swallow anything. Even if I had to help a little with slaps… Download Beginner swallows shit movie

Training new recruit – Part 3 movie

Part 3 movie? Mistresses takes turn in pissing and shitting into a bowl so their slave can drink and eat, first he has to clean his Mistresses ass by licking it, then when its time for him to eat he hesitated for a little while but then he tasted it. It wasnt so bad after all, it was actually juicy and yummy so he finished it all and even lick the bowl clean! Download Training new recruit – Part 3 movie movie

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