Watch Me Shit For You!

Its time for another amazingly, sexy EFRO video! Watch as I push out seven amazing, big, hot, stinky loads of shit, just for you! I love knowing you are watching me poop! Do you get as turned on as I do when you see those beautiful, brown turds work their way out of my stink hole? Ive got seven perfectly, sexy loads for you to watch in this video! I hope you enjoy this amazing EFRO video as much as I enjoyed making it! Download Watch Me Shit For You! movie

The visitation

After a long shopping tour I visited my slave, who was advised to prepare dinner. He served it and was allowed to feel my sweaty feet in his face – but the bread, he offred me was not eatable. I needed to pee after my long tour, so I used the slaves mouth for this. I spit my bad meal into the pee puddle on the floor and then he had to eat it all from the kitchen floor and off my boots. Kicks against his head and a lot of spittle included. But have a look. Pee, Spitting, Domination, Feetworship, Facebusting, Bootworship Download The visitation movie

Five different pees fall compilation 2

This is a compilation of five pees. Im pissing in different positions and situations: standing up, from behind, on the toilet. I like to show you my pussy after I peed so there are nice pussy close-ups. For the first pee Im peeing standing up in the toilet while my boyfriend is in the shower. The second pee is bend over my ass facing you while Im in the bathtub. Third pee is on the toilet while I was holding the camera in my hand. For ourth and fifth pee I was standing up and peeing in a mason jar. Fort those two you can see that I dont drink enough water because the pee is dark and concentrated. Im still training my bladder so I can keep peeing for a longer time. I cant wait to make long pee videos for you! Download Five different pees fall compilation 2 movie


This time will be memorable for you slave! No matter whether you have followed me since the first clip on yezzclips, whether this is the first time for you, in any case it will be a unique experience: your personal milestone in the training that you have already started or you are about to start with me, as a human toilet. Im going to evacuate a huge quantity of shit, that you would have never dreamed of, even in your most extreme coprophilist ravings and dreams! This is the time to materialize the desire you did not even had the opportunity to desire or imagine. BECAUSE MISTRESS GAIA IS ALWAYS ONE STEP BEYOND! Download MISTRESS GAIA A LOT OF SCAT FOR MY POUR SLAVE! movie

Lady Missy – Shit in the Mouth of the Cleaning Slave P1

Lady Missy does not know this cleaning slave. That does not matter for Lady Missy cause she craps and piss in his mouth without asking him if like that. He has already painful clamps with bells on his nipples. Lady Missy is very strictly to the slave. He has to kept the shit in his mouth. Then she pulls the nipple clamps and spits the cleaning slave again in its mouth. Download Lady Missy – Shit in the Mouth of the Cleaning Slave P1 movie

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