Slave toilet training by two Mistresses

Two Mistresses toilet training for their slvae today, first mistress had a hard time having her first shit come out. She concentrated and finally it landed on slaves mouth, then mistress #2 uses a thong to make the slave eat shit. Mistress #2 sat on the stool, she took a piss first and then let out her shit into slaves mouth and again uses a thong to make the slave it all of their shit! Download Slave toilet training by two Mistresses movie

Scat Package P1

The slave must lick clean the soles of Lady Missy. Then She looks a video together with their slave, as Mistress Michelle poops in a package. The slave must kneel. The package with the shit is on the table. He has to crawl to the kitchen where Lady Missy opens the package and mix the shit even with some ingredients which she finds in her garden house and spits on top of the slave meal. Download Scat Package P1 movie

Kate places shit in her slaves mouth and tortures his body with heels

Kate tied the slave to a special table for torture. At first, Kate pissed into the slaves mouth, and then she began to emit liquidchocolate poop. His mouth was full. Now, she begins to torture his body with sharp heels. The servant is lying down and writhing with pain with his mouth full of shit. Download Kate places shit in her slaves mouth and tortures his body with heels movie

Diarrhea shitty

My slave , sniffs my ass and panties . I do an enema and shit in his mouth. Also, you will see how much I shit in the toilet . I want you to lick the toilet after my diarrhea. Download Diarrhea shitty movie

Sucking cock and Enema!

She likes sucking cock so much she doesnt care if she chokes on it! She takes it in her mouth and slides it deep down the recesses of her throat! She makes cum spurt out of the cock and then blows it some more until she chokes and vomits all over herself! Not contented with this, she bends down and commands him to shove the enema up her ass. She takes it all in until water spurts out of her asshole! Download Sucking cock and Enema! movie

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