Post Workout Shit and Piss

Phew that was a brutal jog outside! My ass is nice and sweaty with a brown turd waiting to come out for YOU! I know how much you enjoy the view of m ass in my tight spandex pants as Im jogging away…staring at that jiggly bubble butt bouncing. I just got home and decided Im going to treat you! A stream of warm pee in the sports bottle for you along with a hot and steamy brown shit treat for you after. On your knees and crawl to my brown Goddess turd….no plate for you this time! You can lick every spec of my soft shit off the dirty floor. Download Post Workout Shit and Piss movie

Fart Sufocation in SPIKED CHASTITY

So my slaves new chastity device arrived and I had him fitted. Immediately I wanted to test its effectiveness. Having a bit of a stomache flu this was perfect timing. I wrapped his ankles, hands waist, and elbows tightly, even wrapping his entire head leaving only his eyes and nose so he can see and smell everything, making it impossible to cheat breaths when I put my weight on him.. Lets see how hard he can get now.. I sit my loaded ass right on his nose. I want him to absorb all of it. Im tired of smelling them.. I line my ass straight to his nose and let them loose. They are almost relentless.. In the time that Im not farting hes not breathing. But wait.. Hes starting to get hard!! I see him shudder a little as he realizes the chastity device I had him fitted in has many small spikes inside of it!! Hahaa. With each fart and smother he just gets harder and harder. Punishing himself even more, I even lean over and start licking his little cage to make it even worse.. Your cock is so close to being in my mouth but yet so far!! Its jammed and locked in that spiked little tube, oh well.. The farts start to get a little messy. I can hear how sloppy they sound inside his nose.. Im literally shooting wet sht into his nostrils.. I wonder if hell be able to taste it through his nose.. Hope he enjoyed the orgasms while they lasted, it will be at least another month until he has one again. ————- Clip contains plenty of loud farts shot straight on or in his nose, messy farts, facesitting/smothering, spiked chastity, bondage and 2 camera angles. 6 minutes in the angle switches to directly from the back, showing even more closely everything thats being shot into his face. Download Fart Sufocation in SPIKED CHASTITY movie

Reservoir Dumps

Its early morning down by the reservoir. The campground is above me. I can hear people moving about and I can see several trailers and motor homes. But I have to shit so bad! I walked all the way down the hill and the toilet is so far away! I have no choice but to shit right here on the reservoir where anyone could see me! I lift up my dress and let out a huge stream of piss! hen My asshole burst open and tons of soft moist shit come shooting out of my ass! At one point I even grow a tail! A tail make of my poo! Once its all out of my ass I feel so much better! My shit looks so good there on the beach! I dip my finger in and taste it! MMM! I love the taste of my shit! Want to see me eat more? Download Reservoir Dumps movie

POV Close up shit

You wanted to see a huge log? I got a massive shit for you but this time super close up and pov! You will feel like youre right there and dont worry I have a plan for you.well more like a chore!…..CUSTOM CLIPS MISSMADISONSTONE@HOTMAIL.COM Download POV Close up shit movie

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